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Do you use lip liner? Better yet, do you use lip liner properly? Lips are meant to be soft and kissable, and if you use lip liner appropriately it will also make them beautiful. Learning how to apply lip liner is not difficult. It just takes practice to master.

There is a right and wrong way to line your lips. Gerard Cosmetics offers a few suggestions.

Don’t Overdraw

Overdrawn lip liner does just the opposite of what many women think it will do. Instead of accentuating the color of your lips, it can look cheap and harsh. On the other hand, subtle-ly applied lip liner plays up your lips to make them appear fuller and more defined.

In order to enhance your lip shape and color, be sure not to excessively exaggerate. Trace your natural lip line, or draw slightly above it. Although you may desire fuller lips, your thin lips will be obvious if you overdraw.

Be sure to play up that sexy little peak in the middle of your top lip, called Cupid’s Bow.

What Color Should Your Liner Be?

Lip Liner should always be one shade darker than your natural lip color. It can also be a shade darker or lighter than your lip gloss or lipstick. Many beauty experts recommend a neutral, natural colored liner.

Other Purposes

Lip liner can be used as both a definer and a matte color for your lips. Lip liner also serves another purpose. It gives lip gloss and lipstick something to adhere to. It increases staying power and prevents color from bleeding into fine lines surrounding lips.

Avoid This Mistake!

Overdrawing is bad, but the biggest mistake women make when applying lip liner is not blending it. Some call this the “ring around the mouth look.”  Always blend after applying lip liner. After outlining the natural lip line, fill in your lips with the lip liner. Smudging the color on the rest of your lips so when your gloss or lipstick wears off, there is a natural color on your lips and NOT just an outline. Applying lip liner before your lipstick or lip gloss helps prevent the color from bleeding or feathering.

What if I Don’t Like Lip Color?

Even if you don’t wear lip color products, you can still benefit from lip liner. Choose a nude or light shade that closely matches your natural lip color. Lightly trace your natural lip line. This will help to define the shape o your lips.

Use your finger or a brush or sponge to buff out the edges into the center of your lip with. Then layer with a clear gloss from the Color Your Smile selection.

Making Lips Appear Bigger

Light colors stand out. Adding light to your lips will instantly bring your lips forward making them appear bigger. Some beauty experts suggest covering your lips with either foundation or concealer to highlight the lip line.

Another thing you can do to create the illusion of fuller lips is to line the lip from the underneath to create a shadow. Then fill in your lips with a nude shade of lipstick.

Lip liner can be friend or foe, depending on how you use it. Following these tips will help you bring out the best in your lovely lips. Visit to see an array of lip products.

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