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A cancer diagnosis can impact every area of life and often feels like life has been put on hold. However, with the right tools and support, it’s possible to transform the way you interact with the experience. One of the significant benefits of coaching is that it helps you reach clarity about fears, concerns, and other challenges that cancer can bring. Coaching also helps you get out of overwhelm and reduce stress so you can experience quality of life again and regain a sense of personal power.

I realized that my cancer diagnosis was the wake up call I needed to change my life. After all I had been through, I was not about to go back to being miserable. My focus shifted from me and my success to “How can I serve? How can I help others who have been in similar situations? How can I live true to my purpose?”  I decided to not return to my corporate job and enrolled in coaching school. I learned so much about myself and discovered the blocks that kept me from living an extraordinary life. I realized that the only thing standing in my way was… ME.

As time passed, I noticed that my perspective was changing.  My focus shifted from the rear view mirror to looking forward to the road ahead. I yearned for a support group like the one I had, loving, compassionate, and safe but focused on the type of care plan that puts you back in the driver’s seat. Equipped with the tools and action steps that steer you in the direction you want to go. Unable to find that, I decided to develop a coaching program that would satisfy that need. “Thriving Beyond Cancer: From Disease to Ease” helps other cancer survivors find their way post-diagnosis, to identify and remove the blocks that keep them stuck, so they can re-enter their lives with dignity, confidence, fearlessness, and renewed sense of purpose.

I had it all…or so I thought. I was a senior executive at a major motion picture studio. I had the big house, the husband, the 2 kids, the company car, perks galore yet I was miserable and was sick all the time. Yes indeed, I had it all, bronchitis, sinus infections, high blood pressure, depression, and panic attacks. None of it slowed me down. I let the job and the material possessions define me. I was prisoner to a life that left me hollow and unfulfilled. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with breast cancer that I woke up.

My awakening didn’t happen right away. The months post diagnosis were challenging. Between the surgeries, it hit me Hard.  The fear, sadness, isolation, the side effects from the medication, it was all too much. I hit an all time low. The road to recovery was daunting and felt so far from my reach. I felt alone and incapable of bouncing back.

A friend recommended a cancer support group. I reluctantly signed up, not wanting to hear what other people were going through.  But I went anyway.  I listened. I went again. And again. As I continued to show up week after week, I started feeling less alone.  I felt more connected than ever before. These people had become my friends. They understood me, didn’t judge me, and best of all, didn’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. It was a safe place where I could share what I was going through because they were living it as well. That’s not to say my family and friends weren’t there for me. They were.  They were just coming from a different place. A place of concern, helplessness, wanting to fix it, make me feel better, or focus on how or why this happened.

As I became stronger and felt my spirit awaken, I saw that I was different. Everything about me was different; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I started to wonder, How was I going to go back to my old life? How could I fit in? Worse, what if I didn’t want to go back to that life? Then what?

Once treatment is over, the fog lifts.  Then comes, “what now, what’s next?” We begin look at how to transition from surviving to thriving, how to re-enter life and the workforce, how to live a more fulfilling life after treatment, and how to engage life with new behaviors that contribute to living a life filled with joy and happiness.

Support groups are extremely helpful during treatment and within the first year after treatment. They provide a safe place where you can go to share your pain, your feelings and emotions within a nurturing environment where everyone understands.

Group coaching is extremely helpful in getting you back to living and thriving again. The support, love, and understanding that each person brings to the group is often powerful, enlightening, and creates a bond like no other. The benefits of group coaching include feelings of connectedness, a feeling of community, and a knowing that you are not alone.

Coaching is about supporting you to find your own solutions to challenges you are facing and to set your own self-designed goals and strategies with the support of the coach. We look at today, envision tomorrow, and provide the tools to help you achieve your goals and find your passion.