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Past Life Regress Therapy is a great tool that we use for many of our clients by request. It has the potential to open gateways to dive further into the deeper levels of the mind and it is a powerful method that has been used to create profound changes in a person’s life. We will only do this technique by request. Here at Cheryl Barton Hypnotherapy, we offer a wide variety of hypnotherapy methods. Come on in and talk to us about your personal questions and concerns for free. Are you ready to get started? Call Cheryl Barton Hypnotherapy in Santa Clarita today 661-505-8063 to set up your free 30-minute consultation. We would love to hear from you and assist you and personally assist you! Learn more about our hypnotherapy technique known as Past Life Regression Therapy. Our hypnotherapy office is located off of interstate 5 and Newhall Ranch Road at 28494 Westinghouse Place, Suite 213, Santa Clarita.