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Wicall’s Carpets & Flooring has a wide selection of flooring at our showroom at 26635 Valley Center Dr. in Santa Clarita – you can also call us at 661-259-6040.

Infinity Ultra Soft Nylon Carpet Fiber. Style Name: Joyful Thought | Navajo

You got the new drapes, the new chairs and couch look great. So what kind of flooring do you want? Hardwood? Plush carpeting? Tile … laminate? Sometimes it can be tough to make up your mind. But when you come to Wicall’s Carpets & Flooring all of those choices will be available.

And right now we have a BIG SALE going on because we’ve got to move some of our existing inventory out to make way for the new stuff. So we’re discounting our prices. Our loss is your gain!

And if you do have trouble deciding what carpet, hardwood flooring or laminate to buy, our trained flooring technicians can help you narrow it down. They have lots of experience in matching colors, styles and brands to what you might be envisioning.

Wicall’s has it all!

You’re ready to revamp the living room.

Tile is a great example. It comes in many forms, is incredibly versatile and adds a stunning look to any room in your home. You can use tile for your floor, walls, backsplashes and counters. Your options in tile are virtually endless! You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal or glass.

You can discover all the looks of tile at our Wicall’s Carpets & Flooring showroom at 26635 Valley Center Dr., Santa Clarita. Our flooring experts will work with you to help you create a beautiful work of art for your home.

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