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ATK Roofing Company can remove that tired, sad looking roof on your home and put a new one on – call us at 818-402-6484.

How long will it last?

That’s a question many homeowners ask about their roof. No one has a crystal ball, but most home inspectors can provide some “guesstimate” for the remaining service life of a roof.

One relatively accurate way is to rely upon the manufacturer’s warranty and the date of installation. Unfortunately, shingles themselves carry no visible markings that will indicate either the warranty life or date of installation. Suppose that you are buying a 25- year-old house with the original roof. Most roofing shingles come with a 20-year warranty, though the best may have a 30-year warranty. In the case of the 20-year shingle, you may wish to walk around with an umbrella or a prayer shawl after you move into the house.

But with the 30-year shingle, the only showers you’ll have will probably be in the bathroom.

If you are wondering exactly how old your roof is – particularly if it is beginning to look a bit ragged – it may be time to have it replaced. And when that time comes, ATK Roofing Company in Santa Clarita is who you want to call. ATK is owned and operated by Shane Atkinson, who has more than 30 years of construction experience. At ATK Roofing, we pride ourselves on quality, workmanship, and competitive pricing. We service residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and all of Santa Clarita.

And if you need your roof repaired or replaced, ATK Roofing Company has a GREAT DEAL going on right now!

We’ll beat any quote you get anywhere else by 5 percent. We also have a loyalty program that can save you money. We know that times are tight and that you’ve got lots of other necessities you need to spend money on, like food, gas and clothing. But we’ll provide great service at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank.

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