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U-Wash Doggie provides professional grooming services as well as self-serve facilities where you can wash your pet yourself. Give us a call at 661-284-3600. 

U Wash Doggie

If you’re like most pet owners you want the best for your pet.

You want your dog to be clean, free of fleas and ticks and healthy. That means taking him on walks around the neighborhood and maybe even to a dog park where he can run free for a while. But dogs have a tendency to get pretty dirty after a while – particularly dogs that spend some of their time in the backyard.

If your dog is looking a little ragged, it’s time to bring him in to U-Wash Doggie. We have three convenient locations in the Santa Clarita Valley and you can either have one of our professional groomers wash and groom him, or you can do it yourself using our convenient self-serve facilities.

U-Wash Doggie has all the tools you’ll need – nice high tubs where you don’t have to bend way over, all the shampoos and a blow dryer to get your pet looking great again!

The facilities are equipped so that the pets are secured at all times for their health and safety. A safety line is available to secure your pet to the tub so there is no risk of them jumping out and hurting themselves, you or other pets. Also available are long water hoses to reach all areas of your pet with ease. The water is kept at prescribed temperatures to soothe your furry critter.

This unique concept in “bathing your pets” has offered an alternative solution to the hassle of clogging your house drains, wrenching your back and cleaning up the mess. This concept is just what every animal loving person has been looking for. It will save you time and money performing a much better than doing it at home. We are also happy to perform all of these services for you for a reasonable fee.

We also do toe nail clipping, ear cleaning, gland expression, teeth brushing and more. Or if you’d rather leave it all up to us, our professional groomers can do the job perfectly!

24144 Lyons Ave.
Newhall, CA 91321
23013 Soledad Canyon Road.
Santa Clarita, CA 91350