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Copper Eagle Patrol & Security can provide you with protection and peace of mind – call us at 661-251-6999.

Patrol & Security Santa Clarita

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security does more than report crime – we work with our clients to reduce it.  As you browse our website, we hope you gain a clearer idea of how private patrol and security can protect your home, business, valuable possessions and most importantly – you!

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security is the Santa Clarita Valley’s premier private security agency. For over a quarter of a century this family run, eco- friendly, private security company has provided the residents of Santa Clarita with fast reliable security service. Copper Eagle has continued to do its part in earning Santa Clarita its recognition as one of the safest cities in the nation.

Located in the heart of Santa Clarita, Copper Eagle  has been able to protect our clients no matter what. Fires, earthquakes and floods have not been able to stop us from providing top-level security to our clients.

When you turn in for the night what do you typically do? Lock the doors? Make sure all the windows are latched? Maybe even set the security alarm? All of those are good things to do, and they will definitely help secure your home.

But sometimes burglars know how to get around those measures. That’s where Copper Eagle Patrol & Security comes in. Copper Eagle offers a variety of services, ranging from 24-hour alarm response, on-site and roving security patrols, video surveillance and private investigation, among others.

At Copper Eagle, our mission is to help ensure that you aren’t exposed to crimes. And if you are, our trained officers know who to call to get a quick response.

Copper Eagle Patrol & Security
26752 Oak Street, Unit C
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
(661) 251- 6999
Call Copper Eagle at 661-251-6999.