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Audiology Associates has products that can help if you’re having problems with your hearing – call us at 661-284-1900 to set up an appointment.

Audiology Associates in Santa Clarita can help restore your hearing with state-of-the-art technology!

If you operate loud machinery or work in a factory you are expected to wear hearing protection, but many of us listen to loud music without taking any precautions.

Those of us who have attended concerts are well acquainted with the ringing in our ears that hangs around long after we have left the venue. But what about the musicians who perform and record this music? They are bombarded with noise often exceeding 100 decibles for long periods of time. They can’t easily wear headphones because the nuances in their hearing of sound is what makes the music so enjoyable for the rest of us.

That’s where Audiology Associates comes in. We offer custom-designed earplugs that will allow you to still hear the music – but a much lower level – without getting that muffled effect you would find with most standard earplugs. So if you play music and still want to hear the nuances in the sound at a reduced volume this is a great option.

It will protect your hearing and also allow you to pursue the music you love.

Pete Townshend of The Who believes his hearing loss came about as a result of wearing headphones and listening to music at a high volume. And let’s face it, Who concerts are renowned for their volume with one concert being listed in the Guinness Book of records as the “Loudest Concert Ever.”

Audiology Associates caters to all ages but it should be noted that the hearing of teens and young adults is increasingly at risk, thanks to the increase in the number and efficiency of iPhones, Android phones and other personal electronic devices that deliver sounds directly into the ear canal. Think about it. When you insert those earbuds into your ear the sound has nowhere to go but IN.

We also offer a variety of  products that can restore your hearing if you have already suffered some hearing loss. Give us a call at 661-284-1900.

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