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Do you have a hearing loss due to military service? A report from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that more than 59,000 military members are on disability for hearing loss from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

HLAA was founded in 1979 by Howard “Rocky” Stone, a retired CIA agent, who endured hearing loss from his service in the United States Army. Rocky was well-known in the agency for both his skill and his hearing loss.

On one occasion he was having a hard time “hearing” when talking with then-Director Richard Helms, so Rocky plopped himself on Helms’ desk and asked him to face him directly so he could read his lips! Another time, his old-fashioned body hearing aid was mistaken for a recording spy device and was confiscated. Rocky earned the agency’s highest honor and went on to establish an organization for people who have hearing loss and want to stay in the hearing world with technology and strategies.

You’ve heard about hearing aids for years, but what do you really know about them?

The hearing aid that will work best for you depends on the kind and severity of your hearing loss. If you have a hearing loss in both of your ears, two hearing aids are generally recommended because two aids provide a more natural signal to the brain. Hearing in both ears also will help you understand speech and locate where the sound is coming from.

When you visit Audiology Associates in Santa Clarita you and your audiologist should select a hearing aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Price is also a key consideration because hearing aids range from hundreds to several thousand dollars.

Our staff of trained professionals will help determine which model and size works best for you. And the best part? You’ll get the enjoyment of hearing the birds, children’s laughter and other sounds you have been missing. Call us at 661-284-1900  to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

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