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Christmas trees – we’re located at 25039 Magic Mountain Parkway, Santa Clarita! You can also call us at 661-255-6943

Nancy's Ranch

It’s coming faster than you ever thought it would. If you’ve been out to any stores lately, you’ve likely noticed it.

Halloween decorations are cropping up right and left. And even though it’s about a month and a half away, people are looking to get a jump on things. And when it gets closer you’ll be able to get all of the pumpkins you need, as well as other decorations – like corn stalks and gourds of all shapes and sizes – at Nancy’s Ranch in Santa Clarita.

We’ll be open for business on Oct. 1 through Halloween with pumpkins priced of $1 to $75. Needless to say, you’d get a whopping big pumpkin for $75!