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What exactly makes a good business logo?

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What exactly makes a good business logo? a good logo should be simple, practical, and distinctive, all while putting across a certain message. a good logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, and versatile, while also being appropriate for the situation and specific business.

Here is a great example:


First of all, simple: a logo should be easily recognizable. The logo should have something unique, while maintaining it’s simple image. This means something that people will easily recognize as your brand, without being too over the top.

Next is memorable, you want people to remember seeing your logo whenever they think about your product. This will keep your business at the forefront of the customers mind when choosing a business to use.

A logo should also be timeless. No one wants to have to re create a logo every couple of years because it’s gone out of date. Think about the Coca-Cola logo, it’s been the same for decades and it’s still one of the best logos out there. This is what we aim for, to create an absolutely classic image for you and your business.

Versatility is another thing to aim for when creating a logo. Will it work if printed small? Big? In color? Black and White? These are all things to consider when designing a logo.

The last thing is appropriateness, is your logo appropriate for your audience? If you’re selling children’s things, make sure your logo is child friendly.

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