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Jay the Garage Door Doctor can fix your ailing garage door – visit us at 17528 Scott Ln #203 Canyon Country, CA 91387 or call 661-888-3409

When we talk about home security, most of us think about how secure the lock is on our front door, or whether our alarm system is properly working. But what the the garage door? Some of us tend to leave that open when we’re in and out of the garage, and that could be a big mistake if you run to the store and leave it that way.

But it’s vitally important that your garage door be in good working order – both when you’re at home and when you’re away. If that door isn’t working right burglars can easily access your home and make off with your TV, stereo, computers, jewelry and whatever else you might have that’s worth something.

Did you know that a high percentage of burglars gain access to homes by coming in through a garage door that’s not secured? That’s right, they simply lift it up – particularly if the electric opener is out of commission – and walk right in.

That’s why you need to make sure it works and is secure. My name is Jay and I’ve done garage door work all over Southern California from the most rural desert to Beverly Hills, from homes to movie sets and everything in between. I currently focus on Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley.

I offer good, honest service at the best possible price. I beat most other companies on price alone. Let’s face it, garage door repair should not be as expensive as many of these other companies are making it. Jay The Garage Door Doctor will fix your garage right away! When you call us, YOUR GARAGE DOOR WILL BE OUR TOP PRIORITY!

And it gets better. Give us a call and sign up now for Half Price for Life! Get an Annual Garage Door System Service done for half price & half price each year after that for life. Doesn’t get much better than that!!

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