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Jay the Garage Door Doctor can fix your ailing garage door – visit us at 17528 Scott Ln #203 Canyon Country, CA 91387 or call 661-888-3409.

Jay the Garage Door Doctor can whip that ailing garage door of yours into shape!
 Jay is a full service garage door company offering everything his customers may need for their garage door system, including all repairs on doors and openers along with all accessories. He offer new doors and openers as well and just started carrying new commercial doors, too.
Here’s what Jay has to say about it:
“I’m not out to get every dime I can out of every customer,” he said. “I’m out to get everyone as my customer. I’ll do this by offering good old fashioned honesty and quality work, and I will win against the competition easily. I offer better service, warranties and follow up than anyone else out there. Plus, I’ll offer my customers a personal service as well. I’ll answer the phone and I’ll be the one to show up and I’ll do the work myself and treat every door like it’s my own.”
Is your garage door giving you problems?  Is it rumbling and squeaking every time you open or close it? That could be bad news. It could also mean you door simply doesn’t work correctly, which could be an open invitation for thieves to break into your home.

But help is on the way because Jay The Garage Door Doctor will fix your garage right away! When you call us, YOUR GARAGE DOOR WILL BE OUR TOP PRIORITY! I’ve done garage door work all over Southern California from the most rural desert to Beverly Hills, from homes to movie sets and everything in between. I currently focus on Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley.

I offer good, honest service at the best possible price. I beat most other companies on price alone. Let’s face it, garage door repair should not be as expensive as many of these other companies are making it. Big corporations have jumped on the high-profit garage door wagon and have made millions from you, the homeowner in need, taking advantage of the fact that you don’t know any better when it comes to how much door repairs should cost.

Give us a call and sign up now for Half Price for Life! Get an Annual Garage Door System Service done for half price & half price each year after that for life. Doesn’t get much better than that!!

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