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Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties is your one-stop shop for food catering – call us at 818-434-4330.

When you hire Smokin’s Bar-B-Quties we’ll ensure that things come off without a hitch.

Our grill team will arrive in plenty of time in our custom catering bus, and all of the food will be prepared fresh on the spot. We can provide everything from tri-tipchicken, barbecued beans and watermelon bites, to rolls with butter, homemade barbecue sauces and salsa, salads, pasta and lots of yummy desserts, as well as iced tea and lemonade

What is it about barbecued food that tastes so good?

Whether it’s chicken, hamburgers or hot dogs, barbecued food is often the best tasting food you’ll find. And when it comes to food catering  Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties has got it down! When you hire Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties you can bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And let’s face it, food can make or break an event. We’ve all been to functions where the food arrives late, it’s cold — or just isn’t very good. It can really deep-six your gathering. So the next time you have a event coming up — whether it’s a small, intimate gathering, a networking event or a big corporate party — call Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties!

We can handle your event no matter what the size is — whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a big corporate event. One taste of our grilled chicken and homemade pasta and you’ll be hooked! Smokin’ Bar-B-Quties can turn your next party, mixer, networking function or other event into a big success – call us at 818-434-4330.