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House of BMRS offers professional German car repair service at below-dealership prices – call us at 661-299-9290 for more information.

Quality auto repair service is almost as important as quality medical care.

Because no one wants to be out on the road somewhere and have their car die – or slow down to the point where they can’t safely change lanes to get home. That’s why you need to take your car into House of BMRS when it’s not acting right. House of BMRS in Santa Clarita can perform diagnostic tests using the latest state-of-the-art equipment to determine what might be wrong with your car.

And if a repair needs to be made, we are fair and won’t charge you and arm and a leg to get it done. When it comes to vehicle repair, nothing is more important than trust. You have to feel that you can trust the mechanics who have your car, and you don’t want a business that will pile on extra charge for things that really aren’t needed.

Secondly, customers are really impressed by Master Technician Mark Krzystofczyk. Just listen to this thumbs-up review from a House of BMRS customer:

“Mark is very professional, friendly and honest,” the House of BMRS customer said recently. “He took the time to explain the issues with my car, offered some great advice to prevent issues from re-occurring and was overall just helpful and friendly, which I never get from a mechanic!”

Cars and trucks, no matter how well-built they may be, require a certain amount of maintenance in order to continue to perform. The idea is simple – certain parts of your vehicle cannot to be built to last longer than a couple of years (or in the case of engine oil, a couple of months). These parts need to be replaced before they die. If they aren’t replaced, then they will put undue stress on other, more expensive parts.

So when you need your car tuned up, call House of BMRS at 661-299-9290.

House of BMRS
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