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House of BMRS offers top-notch repair service at below-dealership prices – call us at 661-299-9290 for more information.

So you’re beginning to work through those New Year’s resolutions – losing some weight, cleaning out the garage, planting some new foliage along the front wall …

But what about that overdue car tuneup? And more to the point, what about that squeaking noise you’ve been hearing for the past month? It could mean any number of things – some serious, some not so serious. But you definitely need to address it. And when you’re ready to do that House of BMRS in Santa Clarita is the place to go.

Did you ever stop to think that many of the car accidents we read about were partly or totally the result of poor vehicle maintenance?

It’s true. While accidents  usually occur because someone has done something wrong while driving, one of the most common causes of car accidents is poor car maintenance. Contrary to the beliefs of some, cars are not indestructible and do have parts that wear out and need to be replaced or maintained over time.

Of the parts that wear out and have to be replaced, there are none more important to the prevention of car accidents than the brakes. The brakes are responsible for stopping a car and are a significant defense against hitting things in front of a car. As a large percentage of car accidents involve someone hitting something in front of you, this is important. With poor brake maintenance, the brakes will not work and so may fail when a person slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of them.

That’s where House of BMRS comes in. There are tons of auto repair shops in Santa Clarita, specializing in everything from foreign car repair to restoration of classic cars. But how do you choose a good shop? How can you tell it’s a reputable business?

The best way is to look at the customer comments. What are they saying? Are they happy with the service they are getting? Listen to what Rick D. of Canyon Country had to say about House of BMRS in Santa Clarita:

“These guys know what they’re doing and it is done right the first time,” he said. “Further, their prices absolutely rock. We’ve owned serveral BMWs over the years and will not go anywhere else.”

House of BMRS

27264 Camp Plenty Road 

Santa Clarita, CA 91351